(About auf Deutsch)

Matt LeMieux is an American trained lawyer living and working in the Münsterland area of Germany (Google Maps) since 2004. After graduating from the Michigan State University College of Law, he worked as a staff attorney at Lakeshore Legal Services in Macomb County, Michigan. After working on housing and government benefits cases for almost two years, Matt shifted his focus to U.S. Constitutional law and began working for the American Civil Liberties Union. He was the Executive Director of the ACLU’s Nebraska office from 1995-1999 and of its Eastern Missouri office from 2000-2004.

Upon moving to Germany in 2004, Matt accepted a lecturer position in the University of Münster’s Foreign Law Program (see Fachspezifische Fremdsprachenausbildung) where he held lectures on American Constitutional Law, The Common Law of Contract and The Common Law Legal System. He also taught legal English at the University’s Language Center (see Sprachenzentrum), with an emphasis on legal research and writing, and conversation and presentation skills for lawyers. Matt is still a frequent guest lecturer in Münster.

In 2007, Matt accepted a lecturer position at the University of Osnabrück, where he conducts law lectures for the law faculty as part of it’s new foreign law program. Since 2010, Matt has also overseen the day-to-day operation of the entire foreign law program as its Program Coordinator. From 2009 to 2011 Matt was also a part-time lecturer for the University of Osnabrück’s American Studies Institute.

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