Conversation and Presentation Skills for Lawyers

Summer Semester 2022

  • Group H (September Block Course) – note that only the case information will be found here. The rest of the information for the course can be found on Learnweb. To access the pages for this course, you must follow the links found in Learnweb.

September 12th, Session 1: Introductions & Overview of Class, Court Statements Exercise

  • Introductions – name, home town, FFA program, time in an English speaking country
  • Group Assignments – to be made during class
  • Overview of Presentation Topics – see Mooting Topics (see link above)
  • Introduction to Mooting Exercise – you will each be assigned tasks using this document.

September 12, Session 2: Constitutional Conflicts, Being Concise & Role Play Preparation

In this session we will begin to become familiar with our topics by summarizing a news article related to them and then preparing for a role play. Each group will briefly and concisely explain what their assigned articles cover.


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