Law Lectures

Intranet: Conversation and Presentation Skills for Lawyers

Course Offerings Past and Present

Introduction to American Law (University of Osnabrück, 2008 – present)

The Common Law Legal System (University Münster, 2005 – present)

American Constitutional Law (University of Osnabrück 2008 – present, University of Münster 2005 – 2010)

Common Law of Contracts (University of Münster, 2006 – present)

Common Law of Torts (University of Münster, 2006 – 2008)

American Private Law (University of Osnabrück, 2009-2010)

American Administrative Law (University of Osnabrück, 2010 – present)

Introduction to English Law and Common Law Legal Method (University of Osnabrück 2011)

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