Presentation Skills Course Information

Instructor: Matt LeMieux

Course Description

In this class, students will be introduced to the concept of a moot (oral argument) as well as be provided with information concerning the FFA Oral Final Exam, which is given at the end of the students’ FFA studies. Sixty percent (60%) of the grade for this course is comprised of the moot, with the remaining forty percent (40%) based upon an oral exam that is modelled after the FFA Oral Final Exam. We will be using several constitutional law issues in this class for the moot and exam. Students will be provided with ample information to adequately make presentations and be tested on each.

Office Hours

No set hours. Available upon request.

Attendance Policy

Students may not miss more than two hour and a half sessions without due reason.


Your final grade will be comprised of:

  • Oral Presentation (60%)
    • Students will be divided into groups of four or five and conduct a moot court using one of the Mooting Topics.
  • Group with four members – groups will subdivide themselves up into teams of two. Each team will take a side in their assigned topic and prepare a moot court argument. I will serve as the judge and ask questions during the presentations.
    • Group with five members – this will run the same as with the four member group, except the fifth member in this group will be the role of the judge. As judge, the group member will be responsible for asking the participants questions and handing down a decision at the end.
    • Each group is required to draft a one page “brief” (see Brief Page for explanation) of their case and bring 13 copies of it with them to class on the day of their oral argument.
    • Students will be graded on the following:
      • ability to give a clear, concise introduction (case summary, roadmap, etc.);
      • language usage (grammar errors, sophistication of language);
      • knowledge of the topic (including ability to give clear, concise answers to questions)
      • organization of the presentation
      • delivery of the presentation (including conversational manner, use of notes and eye contact)
  • Oral Exam (40%)
    • Final Exam Preparation– this page contains helpful hints on taking the oral exam for this class and the FFA Final Exam.
    • Students will be graded on the following:
      • Language usages (errors and sophistication)
      • Contribution to the discussion
      • Ability to provide support for points
  • How to Obtain Your Grade
    • Please be sure to sign into SoLMa so that you can obtain your grade.
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