SoSe 2019 Conversation and Presentation Skills, Group H

September 2019 Test Times and Exam Articles

Group 2 (9:30 to 10:00)

Group 3 (10:15 to 10:45)

Group 4 (11:00 to 11:30)

Impromptu Speaking

While there are several situations where impromptu speaking skills can be utilized, here I will briefly discuss how to approach preparing for a five minute impromptu speech on an assigned topic.

Frame Your Issue

Start off by explaining what the issue is. Frame it in a manner that will put your arguments in the best light. (you might consider fine tuning this after you have come up with arguments)

Give Two or Three Reasons Why View the Issue the Way You Do

Before you dive into your arguments, briefly list what your arguments will be. This “roadmap” will give your speech structure both in your head and for the listeners.

Present Your Arguments

Then move on to presenting each of your arguments. In doing so, think about ways to best support each argument. For example, when talking about a legal issue, comparing past cases is where we would likely start when supporting our arguments. But we could also give policy reasons, share personal stories and make common sense observations.

Draw Conclusions

At the end, remind the listener why your arguments are the best way to view the topic.

Teaching American Law in Osnabrück

In January of this year, I accepted a position with the University of Osnabrück law faculty to teach American law as part of its new foreign law program (Fachspezifischen Fremdsprachenausbildung für Juristen or FFA). Several other German law schools already have similar programs, including the University of Münster where I have been teaching for the past three years. This new endeavor will allow me to create an American law program from scratch. I will also have an opportunity to do research while working toward an advanced degree, more than likely a PhD in law. Obviously, this new program is in its infancy, so there isn’t much to say about it at the moment. I’ll post more about the program as it develops.

Website Launch

With the hope of creating a clearinghouse for the various information about me on and off the web, I am creating this website. My goal here is to provide a quick overview of my work experience, my skills and my professional interests, as well as provide links to professional and private information found elsewhere on the Internet.