SoSe 2019 Conversation and Presentation Skills, Group H

Class Schedule and Assignments

(please follow links to additional information and assignments related to each session)

September 17th

Session 1 (9:00 – 10:30) – Introductions & Overview of Class, Court Statements Exercise
  • After getting an overview of the course, students will engage in a court statements exercise, which will introduce them to mooting.
  • Team Assignments (to be posted) will also be made in this session.
  • HOMEWORK – read the articles for your group to be presented next session.
Session 2 (10:45 – 12:15) – Constitutional Conflicts
  • The articles for each group can be found on the Cases and Conflicts page.
  • In this session we will be introduced to our mooting topics and get practice in presenting news articles, a skill that will come in handy during the oral exam for this course and the FFA Final Exam. We will end the session by being introduced to the role play that will be used during the next session, and brainstorming about how best to approach it.
    • IMPORTANT: Please bring the article assigned to your group on the Cases and Conflicts page for this session. Please also bring the Role Play Handout (TO BE POSTED) with you to class.
Session 3 (13:00 – 14:30)  – Learning About Constitutional Conflicts Thru Role Plays
  • In this session we will start informally discussing the basic issues that will be used in for the moots by using a role play. These role plays will also hopefully make you more comfortable using your English in a spontaneous manner.
  • HOMEWORK: Using the appellate briefs provided to you on the Mooting Topics page, please familiarize yourself with the facts of your case. Look at the appellate brief that your side filed with the Supreme Court for the best summary of the facts presented in a manner most favorable to your client. You will need to the know the “story” of your case quite well in order adequately partake in the exercise during our next session.

September 19th

Session 1 (9:00 – 10:30) – An Introduction to Mooting & Finding the Facts
  • Introduction to Mooting and Moot Court (Lecture notes TO BE POSTED)- In this class we will learn how to moot. More specifically, I will show you the basics of conducting a moot court presentation.
    • Additional information and links to videos used in the lecture can be found on the Mooting Resources page.
  • Practicing your opening sentences
Session 2 (10:45 – 12:15) – Just the Facts: Getting Familiar With the Story Through Improv & Using Legal English
  • Objective: We will work in small groups during this session. Each group will prepare for and engage in a facts exercise. I will also speak individually with each group about the law of their cases. We will end the session with a brief lecture on the various constitutional issues at play in these moots.
  • Finding the Facts Exercise
    • Step 1: Divide into your teams of two
    • Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the facts section from YOUR brief
    • Step 3: Explain to your opponents your version of the facts
    • Step 4: Engage in the finding the facts improv.
  • Next we will watch  a moot court competition to familiarize ourselves with common phrases used in oral arguments.
  • Finally, we will start becoming familiar with precedent for our moot.
    • Start looking over the cases on your mooting topics page. Think about how the case is similar or different.
  • Additional Reading: How the Sausage is Made: Decisions of the Supreme Court.
  • HOMEWORK: Read Case Summaries
    • Next week each group will engage in short exercises using the cases found on the Mooting Topics page. The goal of this exercise is to get you thinking about how these cases can be used to support your arguments or how you will need to distinguish these cases when the principles contained within them contradict your arguments.